Learning about PROCEDURES

As we explore more about SCIENCE we will be undertaking some experiments to turn our wonderings into discoveries.  A science experiment is a type of procedure.  For the next couple of weeks our focus in literacy will be PROCEDURES.  We will be reading procedures and writing procedures.

Do you have any books at home that have procedures in them?  If you do, bring them in so we can check them out…


 We read a great procedure together that teaches you how to write a blog comment.  I especially like the step about PROOFREADING… Check it out:

7 thoughts on “Learning about PROCEDURES

  1. I have a cooking book 🙂 My favourite is star biscuits that’s the one I am going to show. I have made these before.

  2. Hi Miss M, I have a cupcake cooking book – it is my own cooking book. I made a lot of these cupcakes from it last year. There are shapes at the back of the book. Princess Meringue kisses and the iced stars were my favourite. Yum, yum for my belly!

  3. Charlotte that sounds like a great book. Are the recipes easy to follow? Do they have clear steps? I look forward to having a look at it…

  4. Hi miss Morse
    I have a paper pIane book I will bring it in today
    from Henry

  5. Hi Miss Morse
    I have a recipe book I will bring in tomorrow
    Love Alex

  6. Alex did you bring that recipe book because I didn’t see it and I don’t think the teacher saw it. Laetitia

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