Movable Snails

We are focusing on reading, following and writing procedures.  As part of our writing unit, we watched a YouTube clip about making a moveable snail.  Using this as part of our planning, we had a go at making one ourselves.  It was then time to write.  Using a composing sheet, we wrote our own procedure about how to make a moveable snail.  We then put our procedure and a set of materials together to take home for a family member to use. 

We did this because it is important for us to realise that we write for a PURPOSE and an AUDIENCE.

Who in your family has tried to make the moveable snail at home?

What was clear about the instructions your wrote?  Were there any steps that were a bit tricky to follow?

You might like to try writing a procedure at home about something else you are good at making.  Here is a composing sheet to help you get your ideas ready before you start writing:

Procedure Composing Sheet

Moveable Snails on PhotoPeach

3 thoughts on “Movable Snails

  1. My mum did mine but she didn’t do it well. I think it was because she didn’t follow the steps very well.
    from Laetitia

  2. Really Laetitia. Which steps did she have trouble with? I wonder what your mum thinks?

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