Kitchen Chemistry

Today we have used things that can be found in the kitchen to explore changes that are REVERSIBLE and NON-REVERSIBLE.  We made and tasted honeycomb and popcorn.  These were non-reversible changes caused by HEAT.  We also watched a candle melt into a liquid and then cool down and become a solid again.  Melting a candle is a reversible change.

Our teachers could not think of a food that could be a reversible change.  They could not think of a food that starts as a solid, can be changed into a liquid when heated and then goes back to being a solid when cooled down.

Have a talk at home and see if you can think of something that we could have used .  You might even like to test it and tell us all about what you did.  You could even take some photos as evidence of your experiment.

Have fun 2M scientists 🙂


I did have a bit of trouble making the honeycomb. I think I stirred the bi-carb soda too long.  I had to have a few goes before I had a batch I was happy with.  Sometimes when we try a new procedure it doesn’t always work.  But I kept persisting and everyone seemed to like the taste of the fourth attempt.  Ms W then found a cool YouTube clip that had a couple of different ways to make honeycomb.  Here is the clip…