Kitchen Chemistry

Today we have used things that can be found in the kitchen to explore changes that are REVERSIBLE and NON-REVERSIBLE.  We made and tasted honeycomb and popcorn.  These were non-reversible changes caused by HEAT.  We also watched a candle melt into a liquid and then cool down and become a solid again.  Melting a candle is a reversible change.

Our teachers could not think of a food that could be a reversible change.  They could not think of a food that starts as a solid, can be changed into a liquid when heated and then goes back to being a solid when cooled down.

Have a talk at home and see if you can think of something that we could have used .  You might even like to test it and tell us all about what you did.  You could even take some photos as evidence of your experiment.

Have fun 2M scientists 🙂


I did have a bit of trouble making the honeycomb. I think I stirred the bi-carb soda too long.  I had to have a few goes before I had a batch I was happy with.  Sometimes when we try a new procedure it doesn’t always work.  But I kept persisting and everyone seemed to like the taste of the fourth attempt.  Ms W then found a cool YouTube clip that had a couple of different ways to make honeycomb.  Here is the clip…

7 thoughts on “Kitchen Chemistry

  1. I enjoyed making the popcorn and honeycomb. Ice can be melted and frozen again.

  2. Ava says that chocolate is not reversible. What does not reversible mean?
    Good thinking Isabella water is definitely an example of a liquid that can be changed and the change reversed.

  3. It was fun making the popcorn. I don’t think it will be easy to find another reversible food. Reversible means you can turn it back into what it was before.

  4. Wow! 2M have become amazing scientists! I am really enjoying your comments on the blog. I hope Miss M makes some honeycomb for her Mum and Dad to taste test.

  5. Asher that was a really clear explanation of reversible changes. So do you think Ava is right if she says that chocolate is not reversible?

  6. hi miss m i agree with iasbella i thought ice is reversilbe and me and my mum thought of butter too.
    see you at the reconciliation retreat day

    love from bella

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