Explanation Writing… Coke & Mentos Fun

One of our favourite experiments was watching what happened when Mentos was added to a bottle of diet coke.  It was super quick but a lot of fun…

coke & mentos 1-quicktime

coke & mentos-quicktime

In writing we then planned, composed and recorded explanations about this reaction.

An explanation begins with an introduction and then explains a process (in an order).

Our explanations were titled “How do Mentos and Coke react”.  The purpose of our writing was to explain the process of the reaction (not why the reaction happens).

Here are some examples of our fantastic writing:

Ava’s explanation

Bella’s explanation

Jamie’s science explanation

You can also listen to these ones…

Nikola’s explanation

Tanya’s Explanation

Great writing 2M!

Subtraction Strategies

We have been doing some great work exploring subtraction.  We have solved equations, solved & written subtraction stories and explored different strategies.  To solve an equation like 56 – 23, some of us have really like using the number chart to help us count back the tens and then the ones. You could print your own chart at home: hundredscharts and show mum or dad how you can do this.

We have also tried out what we have called the “jump back” strategy.

Can you explain how this works to your mum or dad? Remember that it is important to think about how to break up the ones number into two useful parts… This is the most important trick of this strategy being a quicker way to jump back over a bridging number.

We are now moving onto a new Maths unit.  It would be a good idea to keep trying to get faster at recalling subtraction facts to ten and under twenty.  For example trying to build more KNOWN FACTS.  Do you straight away know the answer to: 5-3, 9-4, 12-3, 15-5, 6-2, and so on?