3D shapes

This week we have explored the features of 3D shapes.  We have learned a lot of language to describe and name 3D shapes including edges, faces, curved surfaces, vertex/vertices and prisms.

Can you remember what all prisms have in common? What are some differences between prisms and pyramids? What is a net?

If you are having trouble answering these questions or remembering all the meanings of the different features you could make yourself a 3D shape dictionary using the online Maths dictionary to help:

Now for a challenge…

Can you work out what 3D shape I am thinking of?  Here are the clues:

I have 5 faces. None of my faces are curved. I have 5 vertices and 8 edges. One of my faces is a square. What shape am I?

If you know the answer,  leave a comment and post your own set of clues for the next person.  Or you could write your clues on the mystery bag: 3D guessing game and bring it into class to share.

Skip Counting

Our next focus in Maths is going to be skip counting and counting patterns.  This exploration will help us get ready to investigate the concept of multiplication.
How far can you get counting out loud by 2s in one minute? What number do you get up to if you write down counting by 5s for one minute? Can you think of a challenge your classmates could try?
You might like to check out this website to find out about skip counting.
Why is skip counting a useful skill to have?

On Wednesday we had fun identifying and continuing number patterns using Splat Squares.  Once you make a pattern you can print them out and write about them.  You might like to make some counting patterns (using one step or two steps):



My many coloured days

At the beginning of this week we read together the story “My many coloured days” by Dr Seuss.

My Many Colored Days

My Many Colored Days By Dr Seuss

We talked about how we all have different feelings at different times and that our feelings are okay.  It is important that we talk at home about our feelings and don’t keep them inside us.

After sharing this story each person in our grade was given a different colour and decorated a fabric square.  These squares were then sewed together to make a quilt for our classmate Teagan.  We hope that this quilt will be a reminder to her that we care about her very much.

We are authors…

In 2M we love writing and sharing our writing with an audience.  Last term we all wrote stories inspired by “The very Blue Thingamajig”.  We published our stories using PowerPoint and then illustrated them.

Here is an example of one of our stories.  The author and illustrator is Catherine:

My Thingamajig By Catherine

Over the holidays everyone was asked to write a holiday journal.  Lots of students have returned their journals and used them to be holiday speech makers during the week.  Jaslyn not only did her journal but created a really interesting PowerPoint all about what happens when coke and teeth mix…

Tooth In Coke Experiment!

Jaslyn did a great job at writing a scientific procedure.

We also enjoyed listening to the next great football story written by Ben.  There was lots of action and surprisingly his team were the winners in the end.

Keep up the great writing!


Term Three Gospel Value: JUSTICE

This term as we continue to think about how we “Listen for God’s Voice” we will be focusing on ways we can bring JUSTICE into the world around us.
Jesus stood up for justice and we need to do the same.
When did Jesus teach us about justice or give us an example of how to act justly?
What does it mean to stand for justice, raise your hand for justice or to act justly?
Do you know any other words that might help us understand what JUSTICE means?

Trash to Treasure Expo

Throughout Term Two our inquiry learning was focused on SCIENCE and how things CHANGE.  We discovered a lot about reactions and materials.  As part of our taking action, we selected a different workshop group to join and used our new discoveries about materials to take everyday items (trash) and change them into something else (treasure).  Some of us learnt how to paper mache with Miss C.  Some of us recycled boxes into new and interesting things with Ms W.  Some of us turned newspaper into geodesic domes and square based pyramids whilst also making balloon powered cars with Miss M & Mrs M.  It didn’t matter which expert group we were in because we all had stacks of fun using our learning and working together.

To celebrate all our great creations we invited our families to join us in the fantastic new Discovery Centre.  We got to see what the other groups had made.  It was a great way to end the term.

What new skill/s did you learn?

Have you tried any of the skills at home?  If yes, what have you made?

Did you like being able to choose which workshop to join?  If yes, why?


Spelling Ideas

At our student led parent/teacher conferences, a lot of you said you wanted to improve your spelling. We are discovering that spelling is tricky.  There are many words we just have to learn how to spell by memory because the sounds like to trick us! There are so any dfferent combinations of letters that make sounds.

Here are some ideas for different ways to practice spelling words you find tricky:

Spelling Strategies


In class we use:

Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe Recording Sheet

I also came across this blog that had 75 great ideas:

75 fun ways to practice & learn spelling words

It is important that we can read and write the words found on the Oxford Spelling List…

Oxford Wordlist

Good luck with the spelling practice! Let me know which way you have used that works best for you… We would love to see some of your practicing.

Miss M 🙂