Trash to Treasure Expo

Throughout Term Two our inquiry learning was focused on SCIENCE and how things CHANGE.  We discovered a lot about reactions and materials.  As part of our taking action, we selected a different workshop group to join and used our new discoveries about materials to take everyday items (trash) and change them into something else (treasure).  Some of us learnt how to paper mache with Miss C.  Some of us recycled boxes into new and interesting things with Ms W.  Some of us turned newspaper into geodesic domes and square based pyramids whilst also making balloon powered cars with Miss M & Mrs M.  It didn’t matter which expert group we were in because we all had stacks of fun using our learning and working together.

To celebrate all our great creations we invited our families to join us in the fantastic new Discovery Centre.  We got to see what the other groups had made.  It was a great way to end the term.

What new skill/s did you learn?

Have you tried any of the skills at home?  If yes, what have you made?

Did you like being able to choose which workshop to join?  If yes, why?


15 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Expo

  1. It was fun working on our inquiry. I enjoyed it very much indeed. Well, see-ya later miss m.

  2. I liked turning trash into treasure because there are lots of things you can make. I liked making the cubby house and I liked the balloon car because it’s fun blowing the balloon.

  3. Thanks Jamie and Catherine. We did have a lot of fun. See you back at school 🙂

  4. it was very fun doing trash a trersure for inquiry. see-ya latter miss m and 2m

  5. I have learnt how to do paper Mache BUT IT MAKES A BIG MESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I loved making the news paper cubby house good idea I wished I could be in paper Mache but when we got started I liked it

  7. when we went tobogganing my dad and me hade a race down to the bottom and at the end there was a big puddle and my dad landed in it and I WON!!! 🙂

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