Skip Counting

Our next focus in Maths is going to be skip counting and counting patterns.  This exploration will help us get ready to investigate the concept of multiplication.
How far can you get counting out loud by 2s in one minute? What number do you get up to if you write down counting by 5s for one minute? Can you think of a challenge your classmates could try?
You might like to check out this website to find out about skip counting.
Why is skip counting a useful skill to have?

On Wednesday we had fun identifying and continuing number patterns using Splat Squares.  Once you make a pattern you can print them out and write about them.  You might like to make some counting patterns (using one step or two steps):


33 thoughts on “Skip Counting

  1. Good Job Olivia! That is some very quick skip counting. Can you think of a counting challenge to set your classmates?

  2. Ok olivia: So everyone how far can you write, starting at zero, adding on 3 every time? Start the stop watch and stop after 2 minutes…

  3. Good maths thinking at home Olivia. I love that you did your own challenge. How can we get some of your classmates to have a go?

  4. Hi miss m, when I counted out loud by 3’s – i got up to 89 and writing it i got up to 37.

  5. Thanks for that Charlotte. I am not sure if 89 or 37 are in the 3s counting pattern if you start at zero. You could check using a splat maths board. Let me know what you discover 🙂

  6. oh I just checked…when I was writing I made a mistake. I did it again and I got up to 30 and for the counting out loud I got up to 39.

  7. I got to 162 counting in 2’s. I also got to 305 writing in 5’s. best counting in 3’s that I got to was….


  8. Good idea Jamie. So what is the challenge? Counting out loud or writing? How long?

  9. hi miss m

    we could have a go at counting by twelves like me on the splat bord

  10. skip counting is really fun to learn about. I just don’t want to stop learning about it.

  11. Great to hear from you Jae 🙂 That’s speedy counting. Did you start at 0? If you did I’m not sure you would count 90. How could we check?

  12. Hi again Jae 🙂

    So what number did you start with? Even if you started on 4, I am pretty sure you would skip over 90…

  13. Hi Miss M,
    I re-counted by fours from zero and figured it out these are the closest numbers to 90

  14. For how long? Does someone in your family need to listen to you count out loud or do you want to write the numbers?

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