We are authors…

In 2M we love writing and sharing our writing with an audience.  Last term we all wrote stories inspired by “The very Blue Thingamajig”.  We published our stories using PowerPoint and then illustrated them.

Here is an example of one of our stories.  The author and illustrator is Catherine:

My Thingamajig By Catherine

Over the holidays everyone was asked to write a holiday journal.  Lots of students have returned their journals and used them to be holiday speech makers during the week.  Jaslyn not only did her journal but created a really interesting PowerPoint all about what happens when coke and teeth mix…

Tooth In Coke Experiment!

Jaslyn did a great job at writing a scientific procedure.

We also enjoyed listening to the next great football story written by Ben.  There was lots of action and surprisingly his team were the winners in the end.

Keep up the great writing!


18 thoughts on “We are authors…

  1. Hi 2M

    I would really like if someone left a note about my tooth in coke experiment from Jaslyn BYE. ps I will see you tomorrow, Miss M

  2. Hi Miss M, Catherine’s writing of the thingamajig is great and i love her illustrations they are awesome!

  3. I thought so too Bella. Catherine is a great author and illustrator! I loved all the thingamajig stories…

  4. Catherine’s thingamajig story was just amazing! Jaslyn’s tooth in coke experment was amazing so was Catherine’s thingamajig story!

  5. Hi Miss M

    I really enjoyed being authors it was really fun my favourite thing was doing our own thingamajig. today when we tried to do our own fables for the first time, it was not that tricky. I really love 2M.

  6. Me too! I can’t wait for us to learn more about fables. Maybe we can make a fables book.

  7. hi 2M,

    Jaslyn I wonder if what would happen if you put your sisters tooth in SPRITE or BEER I wonder what would happen?
    Do you no what would happen?
    can anyone please answer my question?

  8. I really enjoyed your power point Jaslyn – my sister Mackenzie is about to loose her tooth so we might do sprite or beer

  9. I wonder what would really happen maybe it might spurt out of the beer like a fountain. I wonder …….

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