Who is my neighbour?

As part of our Action Based Inquiry (to design ways to value add to our school environment), we have been exploring what Jesus taught us about being just.  Jesus stood up for people who were not being treated with respect.  Through the stories we read about Jesus we are challenged to think about who we look out for and who we offer friendship to when we are playing and learning together at school.

We have read the parable of the Good Samaritan.  In this scripture Jesus tells a story about some people who are too scared to risk helping someone and a stranger who is not.

Can you retell this story:

Good Samaritan Story

(You might like to add some slides)

How can we be like the good Samaritan at school?

If we all thought more like the Samaritan, how would this make our time at school even better?

3 thoughts on “Who is my neighbour?

  1. we can be like the good Samaritan by caring for people acting justly doing the four bees and doing what the teachers say to do. if someone heart there self help them up.

  2. Hi Miss M

    I am making the good Samaritan on a power point.
    I cant wait to show you

    From Ava

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