Our Designer Expo – a grand success!

On Friday afternoon we held our very own designer expo in the Discovery Centre.  It was wonderful.  We had 11 guest designers who talked to us about how they use the four main steps in the design process (investigate, design, create, evaluate) in their job or hobby.  We were really amazed at how clever these designers are and were so grateful for the time they gave us and how well prepared they were!  This will really help us as we get closer to getting ready to use the design process ourselves to produce and create things that will value add to our school environment.

In 2M we were also very lucky to have Alexandra’s mum, Narelle, came and show us her talents in scrap booking the day before so we were switched on about how to listen, make notes and ask questions.

Meet our guest designers:

Design Expo

See what fun we had:

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook

7 thoughts on “Our Designer Expo – a grand success!

  1. Wow 2M, this Designer Expo looks awesome! I can tell from the photos how attentive you all were to the guests. You seem to have a lot of wonderful learning activities. Can’t wait to read your comments.

    PS. Thanks again for my birthday wishes xx

  2. Fantastic work 2M! Your design expo looked like great fun and lots of sharing ideas and learning. Well done everyone and Miss M!
    I love the look of your new learning space!

  3. What a wonderful activity for the children of 2M! If only I had some of the creativity these designers possess. The Discovery Centre looks like a wonderful learning space.

  4. Emily it was a fun learning experience 🙂 Thanks Irene, Claire and Mrs McC for checking out the blog. The Discovery Centre is really awesome and we are loving being in this new learning space. It has so many possibilities.

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