Building knowledge towards ACTION (part 2)

A lot of people had the idea that our action for this inquiry could be to design and create some garden spaces in our school.  Before we see if we can do this, we needed to find out about the needs of plants.  So once again we put on our SCIENCE thinking caps and have set up some seed experiments.

On the day we were setting up our experiments we spotted an expert right outside our classroom.  His name was Mark and he was the owner of MRM Constructions.  He was very helpful and answered all our questions:

Plant Expert Notes


In our classroom we have seeds in cups which we are observing, we are trying to sprout lentils and have some other seeds to watch.  These experiments are helping us to consolidate our knowledge about what plants need to grow.

We are also building our scientific language about plants.  What is germination?  I wonder if anyone can find out about photosynthesis?


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