What’s the time?

Our next Maths focus is telling time and exploring calendars.

Do you have a watch?  It would be a good idea to wear it to school this week.

How many clocks (or places to find time) are there in your house?

Do you know how to spell all the days of the week?  Can you name and spell the months in order? What is your favourite season and why?

Don’t forget to keep practicing your addition and subtraction facts, skip counting and multiplication stories 🙂  Multiplication Stories

For some of us telling the time on an analogue clock is tricky.  Especially quarter past and even more so QUARTER TO.  I wonder if our mums and dads can help us out with this at home?

I found this great website that has got LOTS of interesting interactive ways to practice telling the time.  You might like to check some of the links out.  Which one would you recommend for your classmates to try?

Tick Tock Time

15 thoughts on “What’s the time?

  1. I have 22 two clocks in my house. My favourite season is summer because it is when you can swim in the pool and sunbake

  2. Hi Miss M
    I have a watch and I have 4 clocks and 2 digital clocks. My favourite season is summer because you get to play!!
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

  3. That is a good reason to like summer Jae 🙂 I like Spring for the same reason but it is still not too hot.

  4. Hi Miss M
    I played stop the clock and my time was 1min and 2secs.
    do you think I did well.

    Answer please.

    From Ava

  5. That is a great time Ava 🙂 You are doing some great practicing of your learning at home. Keep up the great job!

  6. i have 13 clocks 12 computers 2 ipods 1 Telstra hub 1 ipad 5 1phones 5 radios 2 star wars clock and 1 john cena clock and all show the time

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