What are the chances?

Our Maths focus at the moment is using CHANCE language to describe everyday chance events.  We have been using words such as CERTAIN, IMPOSSIBLE, LIKELY and UNLIKELY.


Look at the image below.  Do you agree with the statements under each marble bag? Can you example why the statement is correct?

St Mary’s Grand Designs

This term the Inquiry Learning in Year has been action based.  With the mantra “See a need, fill a need” as people of justice, our goal was to take action to improve the Junior Playground.  We learnt all about the design process, we built our knowledge, we developed skills, we surveyed our clients, we sought permission, we gathered resources (on a budget), we made designs and we have FINALLY created our products 🙂

At the end of Week Nine we came dressed in our work clothes and gathered in our Action Teams.  The Games Action Team were under the charge of Miss M and with the help of some other big helpers (especially Keith – Miss M’s dad who spent two days with us and Brett – Aidan’s dad and Bob – Jared’s Pa who each did a days work) we have met our brief.  Added to the playground are now some tables for drawing or card playing; a hopscotch, two bean bag throwing games (the bucket table and the very cool monster door), a tent that is yet to be revealed and a super funky filing cabinet to store our awesome game mats and equipment.  Miss C’s Garden action team created some beautiful stepping stones to be the seats for a stage, bright coloured tyres and pellets for a new garden space, a buddy stop that will hopefully mean everyone will have someone to play with and 4 scarecrows that will protect the veggie boxes.  The last action team worked super hard with Ms W and have painted an amazing mural (that needs a few finishing touches) and made their own painted fence posts that will make the veggie boxes look very eye-catching. Not bad for two days work (and a whole term of preparing).

Now as a project manager it was not always easy to get lots of photos but here is a little snapshot of some of the work…

We had so many helpers (on the work days and those who donated resources).  It has been an amazing learning experience for us all.  Thank you to everyone who came and helped or made a donation.

I would love to hear what you thought about being part of this Action Based Inquiry Year Twos…

Innovating on Fables

For the last month we have been reading fables, responding to fables, creating a fable data chart and PowerPoint.  We really love fables.  In writing we have taken well known fables and made them our own.  This is called innovating on a text.  We have chosen our own characters and settings but we have kept the lesson the same.
Remind yourself about the original fables by visiting this website:
Fables for Children
Here are some of the AWESOME 2M innovations…

The Jellyfish and the Turtle        Sour strawberries

The girl who cried shark       THE SLOTH AND THE ANTELOPE

The dog food         The Cat and the Mouse