Innovating on Fables

For the last month we have been reading fables, responding to fables, creating a fable data chart and PowerPoint.  We really love fables.  In writing we have taken well known fables and made them our own.  This is called innovating on a text.  We have chosen our own characters and settings but we have kept the lesson the same.
Remind yourself about the original fables by visiting this website:
Fables for Children
Here are some of the AWESOME 2M innovations…

The Jellyfish and the Turtle        Sour strawberries

The girl who cried shark       THE SLOTH AND THE ANTELOPE

The dog food         The Cat and the Mouse


One thought on “Innovating on Fables

  1. I Liked Writing My Koala and the Kangaroo story it was hard to think but you now 169 words is quiet a lot of words PS How Do You Make a seed grow so fast please can you tell me

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