DIVISION is so much fun

In Maths we are focusing on exploring the concept of DIVISION.
Division is the sharing or grouping a number into equal parts.  In a division equation this first number is the total being divided then there is the division symbol.  The next number is the number that will divide the total.  The answer is the result of the dividing.  It is called the quotient.

There are two symbols used for division: and

I wonder if anyone can find out what is the mathematical name for this

We are practicing how to

  1. divide a collection of objects into equal-sized groups
  2. identify the difference between dividing a set of objects into equal groups and dividing the same set of objects into groups of

For example 12 can be divided between three and the answer is how many is each set.  12 can also be divided into groups of 3 and the answer is how many groups have been made.  The first example is called partition and the second example is called quotition.  To work out which strategy you have to use you need to read the division problem carefully.

Can you work out which strategy matches these stories?

Story One:

I have made 20 cookie balls and need to share them equally onto 4 trays to bake them.  How many cookies will be on each tray?

Story Two:

I have 20 cookies and will pack them into bags of 4.  How many bags will I need?

Can you draw me a picture to show the difference between each story?

Can you make up some division stories for your classmates to solve?

One thought on “DIVISION is so much fun

  1. My favourite thing about division was solving the division problems and I had so much fun!

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