Fantastic Fraction Fun

Our Maths focus at the moment is FRACTIONS… and they are so much fun!

We have explored understanding and recognising fractions of an object.

Next we will be working out how to find the fraction of a collection.  Lucky we were so clever at division because the skills we learnt will really help make that a piece of cake 🙂

We have been making sure we understand fraction notation.  What is the numerator?  What is the DENOMINATOR?

I set the challenge to find out what the line in a fraction is called.  Teagan, Jamie and Jae were all up for the challenge and discovered it has a really cool name.  What was it?

We have used a fraction wall to compare fractions.  For example 1/2 > 1/3 and 1/5 < 1/4.  What have we noticed about the size of the parts as the denominator gets bigger?

Check out this website and have some fun with a fraction wall at home:

You might even like to show mum or dad how we made some fraction rectangles in a Word document and remember I set one more challenge:

What do you call fractions that take up the same amount?  For example 1/2 of a rectangle is the same as 3/6 of that same rectangle.  Fractions like these have a special maths name.  Who can find out what it is?

Term Four Update

It has been a little while since we have had a new post.  This is not because we haven’t had much going on.  In fact it is the opposite!  We have had so much going on…

We have finally moved into our (last) new classroom for the year 🙂  All the junior classes are now together in the newly refurbished main building.  Our new classroom is where Mrs Anderson’s office use to be so we have to be on our best behaviour!  The Year Two level are all together for the first time ever.  It is so exciting and we have settled in really well.  In our first week we had a practice at working together and moving between our spaces.  It was great and so many of the Year Two students showed what focused learners they are…

What do you love about being in our new classroom?

We have also been going to weekly safety swimming lessons.  Fridays have been very busy and tiring!  Well at least for Miss M 🙂

We have shared all our family heritage posters and from listening to each other we have now selected some interesting topics to do our own inquiries into.  We will be sharing our learning in a very exciting way.  Keep posted to find out how…

There has been a cycle-a-thon for our whole school.  This was a great day and showed just how well we are all living the Gospel value of COMPASSION.

We have been doing some fantastic writing, awesome reading, excellent maths and learning about the parts of the Mass in Religion.  We are definitely getting ready for Year Three!

Lots of us today will be at the school fete.  We also discovered that today is International Day of Tolerance.  Tolerance is all about understanding and respecting differences in beliefs and cultural heritage. We are learning that our differences (or diversity) enrich our community, bringing new ideas and energy.  We all interact with people of differing ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Classrooms are increasingly diverse, reflecting the communities where families live and work.  This is something to enjoy and celebrate.  Happy day of tolerance to everyone!