A surprise for 2M

We have had such a wonderful year in 2M in 2013.  We have moved (many times), laughed (even cried a little), learned (so much) and just really enjoyed being together!  The year is nearly over and I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown.  What do they say: “Time flies when you are having fun”.  For me this year that has been very true. 2M have been a gift and now here is a gift for you…

What are your favourite memories of this year?


We had such a fun night at the school carols.  We came dressed as shepherds and special visitors of baby Jesus.  We performed “Let’s go, let’s go, Let’s go (the shepherds song)” and “The Little Drummer Boy.”  We loved learning our songs and dance moves…

Cultural Infusion Part Two

There were a few more videos and links from our festival day…

The Diwali Group wanted to share this clip:


The St Martin’s Lantern Walk group gave a gift with the words to a special song that children sing on the walk:


Here is a short video of some of the cultural dancing:

Cultural Dancing from Miss M on Vimeo.

Cultural Infusion Festival

What a day we had!

On Tuesday 3 December the Year Two level held our very first festival!  One of the big understandings we had in our inquiry this term was that different cultures enrich our community.  By sharing our own cultural hertiage we discovered that there were lots of interesting traditions and celebrations that we had as similarities and differences.  Each students selected one of these and worked in a team to research the tradition/celebration.  Each team needed to then create a informational brochure using Publisher, fast facts and a poster to display and a small gift representing their topic.  We were very busy in the lead up to the festival but our hard work payed off.  We were amazed at how many people came to our festival and almost all groups “sold out” of their brochures and gifts.  We were so proud of our learning and very grateful for the positive feedback we received…

And the fun did stop there!

After we packed up the festival we shared a delicious pizza lunch! Yum…

We then welcomed a Bollywood dance expert called Eda to our school.  She taught us about some of the history of Bollywood and traditional Indian dancing.  Eda was dressed beautifully and we loved being able to learn some Bollywood dances.

But that wasn’t the end either!

We worked up quite a sweat with all those dance moves so gelati was just what we needed.

After second break there was one last surprise…

We were joined by Fernando Mira and Maggie McAlister.  Fernando is a dad from St Mary’s who is a professional flamenco dancer.  He was joined by his dance partner and a guitarist who performed three amazing flamenco dances.  Maggie is the older sister of a Year Four student.  She is also an Irish dancer.

We were mesmerized watching both styles of dancing.  There were many similarities and also some very clear differences.

It was a great way to finish “the best day ever”!


Cultural differences certainly do enrich our community in so many fantastic ways!

What did you love about our day?

What did you learn about someone else’s culture?