A surprise for 2M

We have had such a wonderful year in 2M in 2013.  We have moved (many times), laughed (even cried a little), learned (so much) and just really enjoyed being together!  The year is nearly over and I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown.  What do they say: “Time flies when you are having fun”.  For me this year that has been very true. 2M have been a gift and now here is a gift for you…

What are your favourite memories of this year?

5 thoughts on “A surprise for 2M

  1. HI Miss M
    That is beautiful! Thank you so much for it and for all your hard work and enthusiasm throughout the year!

  2. hi 2M for Christmas my family got a sleep over at the zoo we got to go behind the scenes with a Rhino and a hippo it was so so so fun.

  3. hi Miss M I will miss you so so much and mrs mc. On the holidays jaslyn had a sleep over!

  4. Hi Jaslyn and Charlotte,
    Sounds like you have had some fun times on the holidays. It was a long break and I look forward to catching up with everyone now we are back at school and hearing all about the great things people did and updates about Grade 3. 🙂 love Miss M

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