Waste Not, Want Not Tuning In

We have begun our first Inquiry focus for 2014.  To tune us into our learning we have been thinking about food and where it comes from.

Everyone filled in a concept map about what they already know about where food comes from.  Some people knew a lot and others knew a little.  From this we have started thinking about the differences between FRESH and PROCESSED food.

We also had the chance to write down any questions we have about where food comes from.  Some of our classmates questions were:

How do you make ice cream? Where does cheese come from? Where does dairy food come from? How is yoghurt made? Where does bubble gum come from? Where does sugar come from? How do they make food?

I wonder if anyone knows someone who works in food production or a factory where food is produced? It would be great to talk to some experts in this area.

On Thursday we had a look inside our lunch boxes to collect some data.

IMG_5518   IMG_5517

What did we discover about the type of food in our lunch boxes?  Was it mostly fresh food or packaged food? 

What were the most common foods?

On Friday we then investigated our rubbish bin.  What did we discover?

Stay tuned as we begin to find out and sort out some new learning.

Place Value

Our focus in Maths for the next few weeks is PLACE VALUE.  Place value is understanding the value of a digit based on its place in a number.  In Year Two we are learning to recognise, model, represent and order numbers to at least 1000.  To begin with we have made ourselves a set of Place Value Arrow Cards.  Here is Ollie getting his ready for action:


We have been using our cards to help us match the extended form of a number to the standard form:


You might like to make some arrow cards at home:

Blank Arrow Cards

If you have a colour printer here are a fancy set:

Arrow Cards – colour

Getting to know each other

We have spent the first few weeks of Grade Two getting to know each other.

To begin with with have talked about the 4 Bs and how important they are to help make sure we all feel happy and safe at school and have the chance to do our best learning. What are the 4 Bs and what do they look like in our classroom?

We have read and discussed stories about Jesus baptism.  Then Fr Steven came and talked to us about how being baptised makes us followers of Jesus.  As followers of Jesus we have a responsibility to be God’s love in the world.  We then made some beautiful art works representing Jesus calling his first disciples.  They are on display in the FLC foyer. Can you retell this scripture story to someone at home?

We have used data collection and graphs in Maths to learn more about our new classmates. Can you teach mum or dad how to correctly collect data using tally marks? Can you find some examples of graphs at home?


Everyone has recorded and published a mini autobiography and we will be reading them as part of our Reading activities in Week 5.

It has been a very busy and exciting start to a brand new year.

How are you going to help make sure 2MS have a fantastic year of learning?