Waste Not, Want Not Tuning In

We have begun our first Inquiry focus for 2014.  To tune us into our learning we have been thinking about food and where it comes from.

Everyone filled in a concept map about what they already know about where food comes from.  Some people knew a lot and others knew a little.  From this we have started thinking about the differences between FRESH and PROCESSED food.

We also had the chance to write down any questions we have about where food comes from.  Some of our classmates questions were:

How do you make ice cream? Where does cheese come from? Where does dairy food come from? How is yoghurt made? Where does bubble gum come from? Where does sugar come from? How do they make food?

I wonder if anyone knows someone who works in food production or a factory where food is produced? It would be great to talk to some experts in this area.

On Thursday we had a look inside our lunch boxes to collect some data.

IMG_5518   IMG_5517

What did we discover about the type of food in our lunch boxes?  Was it mostly fresh food or packaged food? 

What were the most common foods?

On Friday we then investigated our rubbish bin.  What did we discover?

Stay tuned as we begin to find out and sort out some new learning.

2 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not Tuning In

  1. Thanks for sharing 2MS. It’s great to see what you are up to in class. Ashlee asked me some questions last night for your food survey. Have fun at the shops on Thursday!

  2. Hi Mel,
    We had a very fun time at the shops. Lots of our groups were very good at saving money by making good shopping decisions.

    Have a great weekend,
    from 2MS

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