Waste Not, Want Not: Finding out – Our Shopping Rules

In the next phase of our Inquiry into economics, we have been finding out about what influences the decision people make about the food they eat (buy).  We headed to the supermarket with data to collect and a shopping budget to stick to.  In small groups we walked up and down the aisles looking for the words and colours that alert customers to sale items.  We predicted we might see about 50 sale tickets.  In fact we found hundreds!  Then each group had to work as a team to buy their snack for the day.  Each team had a budget and a criteria to meet.  As a group we had decided we wanted to save some of our money so we could start our collection of money for Project Compassion – our school’s social justice action for Lent. The challenge was on.

Some teams saved a little and all got things they liked.  One team shopped the very best.  Everything they purchased was on sale (and still delicious) and they only spent half their budget!  Well Done to Sam, Michael, Mitchell, Luca and Jake for being 2MS’ super saving team.

Thanks to all our adult helpers who guided us around the supermarket.  We also hope Jack is feeling better…

Where does food come from?

This seems like a pretty easy question.  We have demonstrated an understanding that food can be bought from a variety of types of shops such as supermarkets, butchers, bakeries etc.  We also understand that a lot of the food we buy in shops is produced somewhere else such as in a factory.  We have also been able to explain that food to begins with comes from plants or animals.  This is where things start to get a bit fuzzy.  There are many people in Grade Two who are not sure which foods grow on plants or on a tree or underground.  There are even more Grade Two students who do not know which foods come from certain animals.  Many of our classmates thought that bacon comes from sheep and many had no idea where we get lamb from.  This may be something you can be talking about at home as dinner is prepared and/or shared 🙂

Whilst we have been talking about where food comes from, we realised that a lot of us grow some of our own.  Here is a photo of my garden:

photo 2

I am growing cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, mint and thyme.

photo 1





I would love to see some photos of your vegetable & herb gardens.