Waste Not, Want Not: Finding out – Our Shopping Rules

In the next phase of our Inquiry into economics, we have been finding out about what influences the decision people make about the food they eat (buy).  We headed to the supermarket with data to collect and a shopping budget to stick to.  In small groups we walked up and down the aisles looking for the words and colours that alert customers to sale items.  We predicted we might see about 50 sale tickets.  In fact we found hundreds!  Then each group had to work as a team to buy their snack for the day.  Each team had a budget and a criteria to meet.  As a group we had decided we wanted to save some of our money so we could start our collection of money for Project Compassion – our school’s social justice action for Lent. The challenge was on.

Some teams saved a little and all got things they liked.  One team shopped the very best.  Everything they purchased was on sale (and still delicious) and they only spent half their budget!  Well Done to Sam, Michael, Mitchell, Luca and Jake for being 2MS’ super saving team.

Thanks to all our adult helpers who guided us around the supermarket.  We also hope Jack is feeling better…

7 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not: Finding out – Our Shopping Rules

  1. Looks like you all had lots of fun and learnt so much at the same time. – Lucia

  2. Well done Sam, Michael, Luca, Mitchell and Jake. You worked so well as a team and I had lots of fun shopping with you!

  3. Great snapshot of your trip to the supermarket 2MS. Ash came shopping with me this afternoon to get some items for dinner. As soon as we got in Ash yelled “look mum, this is on special’. She can spot a yellow specials tag from a mile away now 🙂 Made me smile!! Hope you all had a great time.

  4. Thanks Mel, Lucia & Michelle. We had a great time at the supermarket and it is important that we learn about spending money wisely. Looking forward to the next phase of our Inquiry.

  5. What a wonderful excursion! What did you buy Grade 2’s? What have you learnt about budgeting? I really find it difficult to stick to a budget? Any advice?

  6. Hi Jaslyn 🙂
    Good to hear from you and thanks for the feedback. 2MS did have a great time shopping and eating yummy snacks bought on a budget. I hope you are having fun in Grade Three too 🙂

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