Modelling numbers

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Last week we had a session in the Lab to help us practice modelling numbers using MAB.  MAB are a resource to demonstrate the base ten number system.  Students use blocks that represent the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.

Arrow cards and MAB are great hands on tools that help build our understanding of PLACE VALUE.  This understanding will the foundation of all our number work in Year Two.  If you are still finding it tricky to make, model and read numbers to at least 1000, it would be good to keep working on this at home.  Over the coming weeks we will start applying our knowledge of place value to work on solving problems involving MONEY and ADDITION.

Can you practice adding small numbers of coins together?  If I have four 5cent pieces how much money do I have?  How many different ways could I $1?  What would be the way that would use the most coins?  What would be the way to use the least?  Can you think of a coin problem for your classmates to solve?



Lent, Leftovers & Life to the Full

Our Inquiry “Waste not, Want not” has continued to travel along. After finding out and sorting out where food comes from and that advertising is a big a influence on the choices made about the food we buy, we are now ready to take some action.  After reflecting on the amount of food waste we all contribute and linking to the Church season of Lent, we are exploring ways to be less wasteful.

Thanks to the families who have already submitted a “Leftovers” recipe.  We will be collating them into a mini recipe book.  It would be great to have a few more great tips.  We were shocked to discover that Aussie throw out $8 billion worth of edible food every year!  This fact and many others can be found at the Food wise website:  By making a recipe book of leftover recipes we may be able to reduce our waste and help our families save money.

Lent is a time to think about how we can give up things.  In class we have been discovering the three Lenten traditions of PRAYER, FASTING and ALMSGIVING. Here is a quick snapshot of Lent:  What’s the story with Lent?

Fasting during Lent can be focused on giving up things.  In Year Two we are talking about giving up being wasteful of food and also about giving more to others – kind words, smile, helping hands, encouragement.  This has also lead us to our Inquiry action and focusing on almsgiving.   We are beginning to work on planning a special school event to support Project Compassion.  Pope Francis quoted scripture saying we should all have life and live it to the FULL.  Many children never experience feeling full because they live in poverty.  We can make a difference in the lives of many children by giving to Project Compassion.  The next few weeks of Inquiry learning will be very exciting…