Modelling numbers

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Last week we had a session in the Lab to help us practice modelling numbers using MAB.  MAB are a resource to demonstrate the base ten number system.  Students use blocks that represent the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.

Arrow cards and MAB are great hands on tools that help build our understanding of PLACE VALUE.  This understanding will the foundation of all our number work in Year Two.  If you are still finding it tricky to make, model and read numbers to at least 1000, it would be good to keep working on this at home.  Over the coming weeks we will start applying our knowledge of place value to work on solving problems involving MONEY and ADDITION.

Can you practice adding small numbers of coins together?  If I have four 5cent pieces how much money do I have?  How many different ways could I $1?  What would be the way that would use the most coins?  What would be the way to use the least?  Can you think of a coin problem for your classmates to solve?



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