Holy Week 2014: Walking with Jesus

We have been exploring the stories and symbols that make up the important days of Holy Week.

We began our journey listening to the events of Palm Sunday:

God’s Story: Palm Sunday from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo.

We then explored parts of the story of Holy Thursday, especially when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and shared the Last Supper with them.

This week we will be finding out about the events of Good Friday and preparing our part of the whole school Holy Week Liturgy. At the Holy Week liturgy we will be leading reflection on Good Friday.  Evryone in Year Two has been asked to make a cross at home with their families.

I have made mine.  First I found two sticks on my afternoon walk:


Then I overlapped them and got some wool:


I then wrapped the wool to connect the two sticks together:


Have you made your cross yet?

Addition Strategies


Our maths focus at the moment is consolidating strategies for solving addition problems.  At Level Two students are expected to be able to become fluent with a range of mental strategies for addition problems, such as commutativity ( 3+5 = 5+3) , building to and through 10, doubles, 10 facts and adding 10.  You might like to practice some of these strategies at home. 

When working with single digit equations the emphasis should be on accuracy but also speed.  It is really important that in Grade Two we know our ten facts as automatic facts.