Our Inquiry Action: Caritas PlayFULL day

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For the “Taking Action” part of our inquiry, the Year Two level formed action teams to plan and promote a day of Almsgiving for Project Compassion.

Each team had members who learnt how to use the Publisher program to make an advertisement for the day, some members who created a PowerPoint presentation to explain our day and a team member who organised some activity ideas for use on the day.  Each action team were allocated a grade from our school.  Once their products had been made we made a time to talk to a grade about our PlayFULL day.

The 2MS teams worked really well and did a great job presenting to the students in grade five & six.

Here are some examples of our promotion materials:

jake and rohan flyer

Inquiry Powerpoint

In the afternoon we went to each grade and collected their Project Compassion.  We worked together using our understanding of adding coins to work out how much money was raised.  Lots of people at our school did a great job with their Almsgiving this Lent 🙂



3 thoughts on “Our Inquiry Action: Caritas PlayFULL day

  1. What a great idea and fantastic organistation.
    I am so impressed with you all, you should be really proud of yourselves.
    Thanks for making this such a fun and ‘PlayFULL’ day.

  2. What a great way to finish off a busy term and also raise funds for the work that Project Compassion does.
    Have a great holiday 2MS!

  3. Hi Mrs Mc,
    So nice to hear from you! 2MS sure were busy as we came to the end of the term and we were very proud of our Project Compassion fundraising. The school raised over one thousand dollars for Caritas which was an amazing effort.

    I hope you had a lovely Easter. Thanks for saying hello 🙂
    Miss M

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