Term Two Gospel Value

Welcome to Term Two.  We hope you had a restful holiday and a lovely Easter with your family.

As we begin Term Two we have a new Gospel value to focus on: DETERMINATION. This is a value that calls us to focus our energy and efforts on a task and stick with it until it is done.  Determination is using your will power to do something when it isn’t easy.  With determination we can achieve our goals.

What is a goal you have for this term?

What do you think should be a goal for 2MS this term?

We will be learning more about Catherine McAuley this term.  She is a role model for us as a person with deep faith who was determined to reach out to those most in need.  What can you find about about Catherine McAuley?

Jesus is also a model of determination and forgiveness. Who did Jesus reach out to?  What did Jesus teach us about forgiveness?

Term Two – Determination from Miss M on Vimeo.

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