The last word on addition strategies

We have completed our addition unit of learning.  This does not mean that our learning ends.  It is important that we keep practicing our number skills throughout the year (especially when they are no longer the major focus in class time).

There were two main strategies we explored in helping us to solve addition equations with bigger numbers.  We called one using a number line and the other decomposing.  Both these strategies are useful in helping students to use an understanding of place value to solve equations.  They are particularly clear in assisting students to solve equations that may require bridging over a ten (trading).  They are also strategies that support students in solving  equations mentally by visualising either process.



It would be great for students to keep practicing  these strategies at home.  I would love to see some examples.

Who can solve the following equations using either number lines or decomposing?

23 + 29 =          56 + 32=          34 + 27=          73 + 18=          44 + 37=          75 + 23=          47 + 38=


4 thoughts on “The last word on addition strategies

  1. I miss doing subtraction I think I still need a little bit of help using the decomposing strategy, but it was still a lot of fun.

  2. I think I need to still work on vertical! But I am great at number line.

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