Same, same BUT different: The sharing begins

We are busy using our research notes about our own family heritage to create a NON-FICTION poster.  These poster will be presented in front of our classmates.  It has been really important that everyone had notes that they could read on their own and some interesting information in 4 categories (cultural background, food, celebrations & other).  As we record our notes into summaries we have already discovered that there are things about our CULTURAL HERITAGE that is the same, same but different.  There are 29 students in 2MS and I have pinned a Google Map showing the countries our ANCESTORS have migrated from.  There are not 29 pins 🙂

Learning about maps was a focus in Maths in Week 3.  Many students were very unfamiliar with the geography of Australia (states, territories, capital cities).  Some students were a little unsure about their address or the suburb they live in.  We shared this story: Me on the Map

Do you have a Melways at home?  Can you find your street in it?

Do you have an atlas or globe at home? Can you practice finding countries? Can you name oceans & seas?

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