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0002In our classroom, we use the structure of CAFE to focus on reading comprehension strategies.  In reading groups with Miss M, we work with short texts.  We begin by identifying any challenging words.  These are discussed & decoded (Expand Vocab & Accuracy).  I then model reading the text with fluency.  Each child in turn is timed reading the text aloud.  Once everyone has been timed, we ask each other questions to test Comprehension.  

Focusing on improving FLUENCY is really important. I have found a couple of free Apps which may be a fun way to work on improving FLUENCY at home (and could be recorded on the Reading journal).  One is called “Fluency Test” and the other is called “Time Reading”


2 thoughts on “CAFÉ Reading Strategy

  1. Thanks Miss M, Oscar and I have been working on improving our reading aloud at home lately. We have been paying particular attention to making sure we are using a clear voice (at the right volume and speed) using expression and observing punctuation. I did a reading at Oscar’s Baptism yesterday and think all my practice paid off. I know I often speak and read quite fast so I made sure I paused in all the right places – I got some nice comments afterwards so I think I did OK. We will give these apps a try and let you know how we go. Have a great week 2MS and I will see you all on Wednesday.

  2. So true Kim. Even as grown ups when we need to read in front of people we need to practice. This is a great lesson to model to our children.

    I look forward to Oscar being able to share with his classmates about his baptism. Receiving the Sacrament of Baptism is very special and a memory that Oscar will have of his own.

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