Quick 2MS Update

We are super busy in 2MS this week.

We have started a new maths unit on SUBTRACTION.  It is really important that Year Two students can automatically recall subtraction facts.  Here are some practice sheets:

Subtraction to 10 Subtraction to 10b Subtraction to 20a Subtraction to 20b

WE have formed Inquiry Expert groups.  Every student in Year Two has selected an aspect of cultural heritage that was presented by a peer.  Next week the expert groups will begin researching their topic and working together to create a stall to share their learning as part of an upcoming Cultural Day we are planning.  What expert group are you in?

Friday is the day of our Reconciliation Retreat Day.  This will be a very engaging and contemporary day.  It will give as some special time together to help explore more about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and being in right relationships with each other, our families and with God.