Same, same but different Festival Day

The Year Two level is working really well at the moment preparing for our Cultural Festival day, which will be held on Tuesday the 10th of June.  Every student has selected an aspect of cultural heritage that was shared by a classmate to research. They selected a topic that wanted to learn more about and celebrate.

We have experts learning about Chinese New Year, Belly Dancing, NAIDOC Week, Holi, Greek Easter and the list goes on.  The students are developing so many skills: research, interpersonal, literacy, art, time management, and I could go on.  It is a very busy and exciting in our open learning spaces.

An invitation will be coming home this week and we hope that many family members will be able to come and share in out learning on the day.


4 thoughts on “Same, same but different Festival Day

  1. My favourite part of the day was dancing. From Ava

    Same, Same but Different in the hall on Monday was fantastic. The children had a ball and they were all so proud of their work 🙂 From Gabriella

  2. Hi our festival day was great I had the best time.

    My favourite time was the dancing and the whole day.

    I loved the Same, Same but different day.

    I think we all did good work.

    From Siena 🙂

  3. Hi Miss Morse,
    I had a great time making my bonboniere stall it was very fun. I really liked making all our gifts and brochures.

    Love NAKITA. xxxooo

  4. Same, same Siena 🙂 It was a great day and it will now be a great part of the school performance. So exciting…

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