Same, same but DIFFERENT festival: a grand success!

The Year Two level have had a very big day!

This morning we set up our stalls and waited for our invited VIPs to arrive.  All experts manned their stations ready to hand out brochures & gifts.  Everyone was ready to answer questions about the heritage topic they had researched… Here are a few examples: the CWA table, Belly dancing and Holi.

IMG_5370IMG_5386IMG_5389We then had a Bollywood lesson to celebrate Indian heritage.  The lesson was taken by dance teacher Babushka from Jalwa Dance Company.  She was fantastic.  The girls got to wear coin belts and the boys wore arm scarves. Everyone did a great job learning the Bollywood moves.

IMG_5426This was followed by a shared pizza lunch celebrating many people’s Italian heritage.

IMG_6268The day ended with a family concert.  We discovered that some of our Year Two classmates have some very talented dads.  They shared with us their talents using musical instruments from different cultural backgrounds including the Scottish bagpipes and the Slovenian piano accordion.  We were also very lucky to have a special guest visitor who shared some indigenous stories and dances with us.IMG_6281This day was made possible through great team work by the students and lots of planning.  We would like to thank any of the parent helpers who have assisted over the last couple of weeks and on the day. A big thanks to all our special performers and the Year Two teaching team 🙂

Our festival day was truly a celebration of the cultural differences and similarities in our community.

What was your favourite part of the day?  Can you share one new thing you learned about a classmate or a cultural tradition?

Stay tuned for some more pictures… my computer is being a bit slow 🙂