showposterOur next writing focus is to writing FABLES.  Fables are a great way to begin to explore the genre of narrative.  We have already started to explore the features and structures of FABLES by reading them in class.  As we read we are identifying 5 main elements: exposition (setting & characters), rising action, conflict, falling action and the moral (lesson).  You may like to read some fables at home together.  You can find some at this website: Fables for children

After reading you could complete an organiser: CommonCoreFablesGraphicOrganiser

5 thoughts on “FABLES

  1. I really want to do some more work on fables because they are fun! My favourite fable is Sour Grapes. My favourite parts of a fable are the morals and the problems.

  2. That’s great Luca! We will be exploring them further and writing innovations after the holidays. Why do you like Sour Grapes? I wonder if others have a different favourite…

  3. My favourite fable is the hare and the tortoise. I hope that we will learn more in class. Fables are the best!

  4. Hi Miss Morse,
    I love FABLES, my favorite one is sour grapes. I love how the fox jumps up and tries to get the grapes and because he can’t get them he says they are sour and walks off.

    Love Nakita. xxxooo

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