Our subtraction unit has come to an end and the students in 2MS have made some great discoveries about strategies we can use to solve subtraction equations.  At home it is important that we keep practicing our automatic recall of basic number facts (addition and subtraction).  For our ten facts, and facts under 20, we really need to develop automatic responses (no fingers needed) and the only way to do this is practice, practice and more practice.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring features of 2D and 3D shapes.

I wonder if any students in 2MS know what the D stands for? What shapes can you find around your home?


26 thoughts on “SHAPES, SHAPES, SHAPES!

  1. I miss doing subtraction at school and can’t wait to do 2D and 3D shapes Love Ava and Gabriella M.

  2. I think the D stands for Dimensional. At home I found lots of rectangles like doors, windows, drawers, tiles, bricks, tv, microwave & computer screen. Some circles like the downlights, oven knobs, tap handles and the donuts on the bench I am dying to eat after dinner! See you tomorrow Miss M

  3. Hi I can’t wait until we do some more subtraction and lots of maths because I love it so much. Love Chiara

  4. Good work Oscar. So if a shape has 2 dimensions, I wonder what that means? Perhaps someone else might be able to find out…

  5. I loved learning different subtraction strategies too! Maths is so awesome when you can find ways that work best for you 🙂

  6. A 2D shape has 2 dimensions ( length & width), while 3D shapes have 3 dimensions( length, width & height).I worked this out with placemats. Also I found in my house a lot of shapes like rectangles.

    From Jake B

  7. Good work Jake. A wonder if anyone can think of a famous building that has more triangles than rectangles?

  8. The shapes I have found in my home are the triangle for the roof, a triangle for a thing that hangs in my room for my room, a circle for a thing that holds stuff down, and lots of rectangles for lots of stuff.

  9. That is a good one Oscar! However that is not the building I was thinking of…

  10. I think the answer to Miss M’s question is the church. Many church’s have triangles on the roof.

    From Jake

  11. Good thinking Jake. However that is not the well known building I am thinking about…

  12. I hope when I get back from the holidays we will learn more about shapes. I hope we learn about 3D shapes!

  13. I hope we will learn more about shapes when we get back from the holidays. I hope we will learn about 3D shapes!

  14. Could the famous building you are looking for be the Eiffel Tower?? If you look closely at it, you can see 4 triangles within one square. If you look at two squares side by side they would form a rectangle and there would be 8 triangles within this parameter.

  15. Is the famous building the Eiffel Tower??? When you look at the sections closely you will see a square section has 4 triangles within it. If you look at two adjacent squares, they make a rectangle shape and have 8 triangles within the parameter.

  16. HI I find lots of rectangles in my house like bricks, doors, tv shelves, tables, beds, books, frames, paper, phones computers, printers and boxes.

  17. I think that the place that has the most triangles is the Storey Hall RMIT
    from Louisa

  18. The building I am thinking of is the butterefly
    enclosure at the zoo. Is this correct?

  19. That is a lot of rectangular shapes objects Siena. You are a rectangle detective!

  20. Louisa, Siena, Cooper and Natalka they are all really good guesses. However they are not the building I am thinking of.

    I will give a clue: this building is in Melbourne…

    I wonder why there are many architectural buildings that do have triangles in their design?

  21. We just saw the buildings at Federation Square on the news – is that what you were thinking of Miss M?

  22. You have guessed it! I was thinking of Federation Square. Or should the building be called Federation triangle 🙂

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