Monster Description…

There were four students who had a go at drawing my monster, from this description: A Monster Description

Here is what they thought the monster looked like:

IMG_5436   IMG_5437  IMG_5438  IMG_5435

And here is the original drawing…


I think the four boys (Cooper, Luca, Oscar B and Jake) did a pretty good job of interpreting the description!  Well Done 🙂

You might like to find a monster picture of your own and record a description drawing challenge to share with your classmates…

Skip Counting

Our next focus in Maths is going to be skip counting and counting patterns.  This exploration will help us get ready to investigate the concept of multiplication.
How far can you get counting out loud by 2s in one minute? What number do you get up to if you write down counting by 5s for one minute? Can you think of a challenge your classmates could try?  Can you think of a skip counting pattern challenge for your classmates to try?
You might like to check out this website to find out about skip counting.

Reading Challenge

This term ALL Year Two students have been given reading challenge.  They have been given a new reading journal book and the challenge is to read at least 25 books this term  Once you have read a book, it is to be recorded in your journal and you are to complete a response sheet.  The books being read can come from the classroom, the school library or books from home.  They should be short junior novels.  The Reading Journal book is to be bought to school EVERY FRIDAY for the class teacher to check your tally and scan your summaries.

When you start a new book, make sure you collect a summary sheet.  There are photocopies of different sheets in the classroom.

Term Three Gospel Value: SERVICE

This term the Gospel value we will be focusing on is SERVICE.  Inspired by the model of Jesus, service is giving to others.  When you serve people you act in a way that is helpful without waiting to be asked.  When you act with a spirit of service, you can change the world.  Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of MERCY. Mercy spirituality is based on a life long journey to discover the mercy of God and the sisters work to support those struggling in life.

In what ways can we show SERVICE to others in the classroom, the playground and at home?

Term Three Gospel Value Service from Miss M on Vimeo.

Descriptive Writing

Throughout Term Two, we focused on learning writing skills to improve our creative writing.  In particular we explored adjectives, adverbs and similes.  One of our favourite discoveries was the song “Everything at once” by Australian singer Lenka.

I would love to see some drawings to match her lyrics.  You might even try to write another verse (a song innovation 🙂 )

Another fun activity we did, to practice using adjectives and adverbs, was to create a character.  You might like to have another go at this…

Create & Describe a character

We each got to then paint a creature and write a description to match.  I have written a description of a monster.  After you read my description, draw what you think the monster looks like.  Bring in your drawings in to school and we will see who gets the closest…

A Monster Description

Holiday Update…

I hope everyone is having some sleep ins and fun so far on the holidays.  It sure has been cold. Now Ava wanted a blog update so here it is…

Lots of people in our grade have said they want to get faster at knowing their addition and subtraction facts.  You also told me that you liked trying different maths strategies and learning about shapes.

Here are some practice sheets:

Addition to 20 Addition to 100 Subtraction to 10 more subtraction to 10 < or > Addition Squares 2D shape features 2D Shapes Worksheets

They should help keep you busy if you get bored one afternoon 🙂

What have people been doing on the holidays so far?