Holiday Update…

I hope everyone is having some sleep ins and fun so far on the holidays.  It sure has been cold. Now Ava wanted a blog update so here it is…

Lots of people in our grade have said they want to get faster at knowing their addition and subtraction facts.  You also told me that you liked trying different maths strategies and learning about shapes.

Here are some practice sheets:

Addition to 20 Addition to 100 Subtraction to 10 more subtraction to 10 < or > Addition Squares 2D shape features 2D Shapes Worksheets

They should help keep you busy if you get bored one afternoon 🙂

What have people been doing on the holidays so far?

9 thoughts on “Holiday Update…

  1. Hi Miss M ,

    I am going bowling tomorrow with my dad and my brother.

    Yesterday we went to a play centre and today I watched Dragons 2 movie with my brother at my brothers friends birthday party.

    From Ava M and Gabi

  2. Hi Miss M,
    Tomorrow, I am going to golf with my dad and my friend James.
    On Friday, I am going to the art play with my cousin and on Tuesday I am going tobogganing with Sam .

    See you later, Luca.

  3. Goodness Ava and Luca it sure sounds like you are keeping busy! So many activities. I wonder if anyone else has seen the movie Ava mentioned?

  4. Yeah Miss M I want to hear what other people have watched because I might go and see that movie as well.

    Also Miss M I am going to watch another movie on Tuesday and it is Malificent.

    Love Ava and Gabi

  5. Hi Miss M,
    I have come off my crutches and it is so nice to be walking again.
    I went to see Rio 2, it was fantastic! Tomorrow I am going to play mini golf with my friends.
    I hope everyone is having a great holiday,
    From Sam

  6. Hi Miss M,

    Today I am going to see Malificent with Ava and Nakita. We can’t wait!
    I also went to see the King and I at the theatre
    It was so fun I liked the dresses, they were beautiful. My favourite
    part was when Mrs Anna was teaching the king how to dance. It was so funny!
    See you soon!
    Sincerely, Alessia

  7. I am loving hearing about your holiday adventures. Sounds like lots of lucky people… Alessia I saw the King & I many years ago and loved it too. Not long ago I went and saw Wicked. It was wonderful. Going to the theatre is a really special thing to get to do 🙂

  8. Hi Miss M,
    I have done a lot of things this holidays. I went to Porepunkah on the holidays. Sadly my mum didn’t get to go. We went to Mount Buffalo. We had so much fun because there was snow! We even built a snowman. We found snow at the Dingo Dell and Cresta Valley. I went tobogganing there it was so much fun. My last toboggan was hilarious. I went down and there was a bump in front of me, I tried to jump over it, but the toboggan stopped and I went flying off. From Jake

  9. Wow Jake! You have had an adventure packed holiday. The snow sounds like it was a lot of fun. Did you sing “let it go”? 🙂

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