Physics: Push or Pull

photo(2)As part of our Inquiry learning this term, we have been investigating force and motion.  In particular we have been finding about push and pull.  Pushing moves something in the direction of the push. The harder the push, the further the item goes. Pulling something has a similar action. The harder you pull, the faster something moves along.   After going to Scienceworks where we found lots of pushes and pulls, we had an immersion session at school.  We discovered lots of everyday things that move because of a push or a pull.

Click to watch: Is it a push or a pull?

Surprisingly there were a lot of household tools that many students could not name or were unsure how to work.

Can you do a search of your kitchen at home and take a tally of things that can be pushed, pulled or both? Where else in your house do things need a push or a pull?

This week we are working through a Scientific Process to investigate a physics question… exciting times ahead:


One thought on “Physics: Push or Pull

  1. Hi Miss M, It is funny because one person is on one side which the person pulls backwards and the other person pushes it forwards

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