How far can you go?

This week we explored push and pull.  The Year Twos had a go at working through the scientific process to design and build a “machine” that could be moved with a push.  this was harder than we thought it would be.

Together we then started to ask more questions about how we could make something travel further with less force and we discovered catapults.

You might like to read about catapults at this website:  You could follow a procedural text to learn how to make one at this website:  You might even find another design that works by Googling “easy catapults for kids”.

Remember scientists work safely.  If you try and make one,  you would need to test your catapult responsibly and you will probably need a grown-ups help.

I would love to see some of your models and we can test them out with the ping pong balls we have in the classroom 🙂