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We are learning lots of things about Science at the moment.  To help us be scientists, in reading & writing we have been making sure that we understand how procedural texts work.  We have been reading procedure books, following procedures to complete experiments (especially some really cool ones about static electricity) and writing procedures.  This week we have watched a YouTube clip of someone making a crafty snail.  We followed the visual instructions to make the craft and then had to write the procedure ourselves.

We have used a composing page to get our ideas ready, and in sequence, before we start writing.  This helps us make sure we have really thought about the imperative verbs we will need to use to start each command. Procedure Composing Sheet

Who can give me some examples of imperative verbs? (These are verbs we call bossy because they are telling the reader what to do)

You might like to watch this clip, fill in a composing sheet as you watch, try it out and then record a procedure…

Good luck! If you need google eyes ask Miss M 😉

Following craft procedures has also provided an opportunity for practice at using scissors.  There are some Grade Two children who are finding it challenging to cut out carefully.

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  1. Good examples Jake. Can anyone think of other ones we would use in a Science experiment?

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