Statistics and Probability

Our Maths focus for the next two weeks is classifying everyday events according to how likely they are to happen, using the language of chance, and explaining reasoning.  We are developing our thinking so we can describe outcomes as ‘likely’ or ‘unlikely’ and identify some events as ‘certain’ or ‘impossible.’

Marble bagThis is bag one.  What can you  say about the chances of selecting a red marble from this bag?  What are my chances of selecting a yellow marble?  How do you know?

Lucky dipThis is bag two.  What colour marble am I most likely to draw out?  What colour am I least likely to select?   Can you think of a question to ask for bag one or two?

Marble Jars

2 thoughts on “Statistics and Probability

  1. I loved doing chance with blocks and marbles in a bag. It was very exciting testing our hypothesis and having a turn at guessing if the coin would land on heads or tails.

    From Luca

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