Peru is amazing


Hi 2ms! I am having an amazing experience travelling around Peru in South America. It is a country with very interesting & ancient history – the Incas. There are many mountains and the streets are cobbled and colourful. I spent four days in the Amazon and tomorrow will go to Machu Pichu. This is the most famous place to visit in this beautiful country.  There were some children from a village on an excursion who asked for my photo!


I wonder if you can find out some facts about Peru?

I hope you have been busy learning & making good choices whilst I have been away! Love Miss M 🙂



10 thoughts on “Peru is amazing

  1. Hi Miss M,
    Love the photos! Did you visit Lima (Peru’s Capital city)? What types of food are you eating in Peru?
    Take care, Mrs. L

  2. Wow Miss M! That looks incredible. We can’t wait to hear all your stories when you come home. Safe travels. Mrs S x

  3. Hi Mrs L & Mrs S! Thanks. I started my trip in Lima which was a very busy city. In Peru they eat a lot of meat, beans & rice. My favourite food so far is empanadas. I have tried alpaca but not Guinea pig yet!

  4. Hi Miss Morse,
    It sounds like you are having a great time.
    Today was footy day at school. We sang all the team songs and had lots of fun. I am looking forward to the holidays. See you next Term!

  5. Hi Sam! I am having a great time. Yesterday I climbed up a very high mountain called Waynapicchu. My legs are now hurting 🙂

    Footy day sounds like fun. Who do you think will get into the Grand Final? What’s on for the holidays?

    Bye for now, Miss M

  6. Hi Miss M,
    I hope you are having a great time in Peru! Footy day was awesome and in case you didn’t know, Bryce Gibbs won our best and fairest! Machu Picchu sounds like fun and the tarantula would have been pretty scary!
    Hope you are having a great time,
    From Luca

  7. Hi Luca,

    Glad to hear from you. Machu Picchu was really amazing. I understand why it is one of the wonders of the world. Thanks for the update about Gibbs. He had a good season. Let’s hope the Blues will have a better year in 2015. I took a little video of the tarantula. I will show you after the holidays!

    Have a good holiday 🙂

  8. Hi Miss M
    I wasn’t at the footy day because I am on holiday in Noosa. I left on friday the 12th. I hope you are having a great time??

    From your student Ava M

  9. Hi Ava. Great to hear from you! I hope you & your family are having a great time in Noosa. It must be sunny 🙂 I am enjoying my travels. See you after the holidays…

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