See a need, Fill a need: Part One

This term in Year Two, the focus of our RE/Inquiry is “See a need, fill a need.”  Through this inquiry unit students will  come to understand that people use creative, imaginative and inventive thinking to help them meet human needs and wants.  In response to simple design briefs, students will develop basic design ideas based on their experiences of working with materials and components.  Students will have opportunities to respond to open-ended design tasks, that will allow them to develop imaginative and practical design solutions to problems, needs and opportunities that will spread joy to others in our community.

To begin we have been exploring a design process (sometimes called an engineering process).  The steps of the process include: investigate, design, produce, evaluate and analysis.  We will be using this process throughout our inquiry learning.

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4 thoughts on “See a need, Fill a need: Part One

  1. Thanks Michelle. We have some hidden talents I think 🙂 Ava it might have been a bit challenging but we sure had fun!

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