See a need, Fill a need: Part Two

We have begun the next phase of our inquiry.  We are finding out about STOPMOTION.  This is an app that we are going to use to help us further understand the Design Process (Investigate, design, produce, evaluate, analyse).  After we investigate STOPMOTION, students will be given a simple design brief and will work in teams to design and produce a stopmotion clip that will represent visually an idea using models, pictures and words.  It is very exciting!

We have started our investigation by googling Stopmotion and animation clips and websites.

I wonder what we might be able to make a Stop Motion clip about?

Spelling & word building

This term we are having a big focus on spelling & building our word knowledge.  Each week in reading, the groups have had a list of spelling words to work on and have then been typing these words into sentences at the computer activity.  When you take your spelling sheet home, someone might like to test you on your words 🙂

We have also been learning about MULTIPLE MEANING WORDS and this week PREFIXES.

Who can give some examples of MULITPLE MEANING WORDS (using the word in two sentences to show the two meanings) or base words that have had a prefix added?