Fractions in Action

Our maths focus at the moment is FRACTIONS.  They are pretty cool and what we have learnt in division is going to come in handy with this unit.

We have been exploring the language of fraction notation and fractions of an object (the whole). What is the numerator?  What is the DENOMINATOR?

Next we will be working out how to find the fraction of a collection.  Lucky we were so clever at division because the skills we learnt will really help make that a piece of cake :)

We have used a fraction wall to compare fractions.  For example 1/2 > 1/3 and 1/5 < 1/4.  What have we noticed about the size of the parts as the denominator gets bigger?

Check out this website and have some fun with a fraction wall at home:

You might even like to show mum or dad how we made some fraction rectangles in a Word document.

What do you call fractions that take up the same amount?  For example 1/2 of a rectangle is the same as 3/6 of that same rectangle.  Fractions like these have a special maths name.  Who can find out what it is?

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