Fraction Artwork

We have explored fractions of an object by creating some artworks.  This was inspired by a book called “Picture Pie” by Ed Emberley.  As you look at the artworks can you work out how many fractional pieces were used?  What happens if you have more pieces then the denominator, such as five  halves or six quarters?  I wonder how many whole circles you used to make your design?

I wonder if this would work with squares that have been divided into halves, quarters and eighths?  I would love to see some square fraction artworks 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fraction Artwork

  1. Cool artwork. Also Miss M good Fraction Artwork book. You are good at doing cool things on the blog 🙂

  2. Hi Miss M,
    I really do like fractions. Especially the way we write and do greater and less than with them. For example, 4/10 1/6. 6/12=5/10=1/2.

    I really do hope we do more work on them.

    See you later,

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