Hot off the presses…

It has been a big week in 2MS.  We have published our first book of Expositions, titled “What do you think is the best super?”  We have been really focused learning how to write a well elaborated persuasive text and hopefully this is reflected in our book.  From all accounts our families enjoyed reading our writing.

This week we have also finished production of our very first Stop Motion clips.  In groups of three, the students have been working through the design process to make a stop motion clip for a particular purpose.  On Friday we began the final phases of the design process: evaluate and analyze.  As we watched each video, we were able to evaluate each one against our success criteria and we also analyzed our interpersonal skills.  Not only did the groups do a great job at making the clips, they have given constructive feedback to each other and been able to be very reflective about their own contribution to the process.  I have been really proud of the students work on this project 🙂

Here is an example of one clip.

How to make a new friend 3

More will follow 🙂

One thought on “Hot off the presses…

  1. I think that is the best video no wonder they took so long. But good job Siena Isabella and Imogen.

    Love From Ava M

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