A year to remember

The last of week of the 2014 school year is about to begin.  In 2MS we have had many successes and there is so much to be proud of.  We have worked together on four awesome RE/Inquiries which have really reflected the inquiry process and we have taken action that has made a real difference.  We have worked hard in Maths.  Our reading and writing has improved.  Most importantly we have tried all year to “Be People of God”.  I have really enjoyed teaching 2MS all year and watching 29 unique people change & grow…

What are your favourite memories of this year?

7 thoughts on “A year to remember

  1. Wow Miss M, I can’t believe the number of front teeth you’ve seen grow!
    Thanks for a wonderful year, I will miss spending time in your classroom every week with all the gang.
    My favourite memory of the year would have to be the school performance and what stars all the grade 2s were.
    Merry Christmas everyone – Kim

  2. I thought the same thing Kim. It’s amazing the difference teeth make 🙂 2MS have been very lucky to have your help all year. So much to be grateful for.. Thank you

  3. My favourite memories are the school performance and going to Scienceworks, but I enjoyed everything we did in the classroom too

  4. Scienceworks was a fun excursion Oscar and our Same, same but different act was great. I wonder if anyone has the DVD at home. Perhaps we could watch it together on Wednesday…

  5. What a fantastic year for all. Ava and I enjoyed looking at all the photos. I enjoyed spending time in class every Tuesday morning with 2MS. Merry Christmas!! Love Gabriella xoxoxo 🙂

    Everyone looks different from the beginning to the end of the year. I enjoyed everything in year 2MS. Everyone in 2MS and all Teachers have a Merry Christmas.
    Love Ava

  6. Thanks Gabi & Ava. I have loved your comments on the blog all year. Sharing learning conversations at home is so important.

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