Maths Wonderings

Asking and answering questions is a really important part of being a learner.  This year in 2MS we are hoping to have lots of wonderings that we will turn into discoveries.

At the moment in Maths we are getting to know each other using data and graphs and the language of location.  After this Maths unit, we will begin to explore place value and then focus on addition.  I asked everyone in 2MS if they had a wondering about these two things.  This is what thinking we are already doing…

After we read Grace’s question, someone said that they thought zero was the first number. Then someone else asked what about negative one. One person’s question got everyone thinking. I love Year Two Maths!

2 thoughts on “Maths Wonderings

  1. Awesome questions…..looking forward to hearing about the answers you find!
    Good luck.

  2. I would also like to know what place value means … I’m sure all mums and dads would like to hear about this when you all learn what it is all about

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